Westreme restaurant in Mellieha designed to entertain the whole family for lunch and dinner in a bright space with breathtaking views of Mellieha Bay. The variety of food available makes sure that both parents and kids get to enjoy their meal in a welcoming environment.

Whilst making sure all pizza lovers are happy we have also created dishes that will enrich your meal. These include a selection of pastas and meats. A dedicated healthy menu for kids was also developed.

The restaurant is also equipped with a dedicated area for children to entertain themselves safely.

Our name is derived from the historically significant Westreme Battery that is located just around the corner. Built by the Order of St. John in 1715, this was actually the first line of defense breached by the French invaders in 1798. Over the years, the building was modified, restored and adapted for different uses. Today, only parts of it remain standing as a lasting testament to its illustrious past.

Westreme is also available for private functions that may include celebrations and birthday parties.